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South Australia is a great destination in Agriculture, Business Management, Heath care Service, Horticulture, Engineering and Science study – for excellence, growth and career at an affordable living cost.

South Australia is a destination for Agriculture and Wine Business study in the world. Get in touch with us if this is your interested field of study.

Although agriculture is a highly specialised field of study, it actually offers some very diverse options. Not only does it cover the 'basics', such as crop and animal science, it also allows students to explore areas that show them how to create a profitable business. This means that agriculture and related courses often incorporate subject areas such as computing and IT, economics, engineering and marketing. Much falls under the broad banner of 'agriculture', and it can suit those with interests and skills that range from farming and production to business and science.

It is essentially a vocational field of study, so you should expect that most specialisations will prepare you for work in relevant jobs and industries. Workers in agriculture cultivate and manage natural resources, most commonly in primary industries such as forestry, dairy, cattle, aquaculture, livestock and crop management, as well as other niche industries such as horticulture and wine.

We partner with institution offering package program of Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership, leading to Master of Business Administration (Advanced).

'Business and management’ is the biggest of our 30 fields of study. You can study business units at almost all institutions and within thousands of courses.

Business specialisations cover everything from business administration and project management to entrepreneurship and international trade. Some focus on the main business functions that are central to organisations in and out of the corporate sector. Others offer professional preparation in related sectors, such as finance. Another growing group of specialisations focuses on specific industries.

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The health services and support field encompasses a wide range of professions. Some health workers focus on running things (such as those in health administration); some on advising and educating people (health promotion or occupational health and safety); some on working for or advising public agencies and other organisations (public health); and some on delivering health services (radiography or nutrition).

Before commencing tertiary study, it is likely that you may have little knowledge about the breadth of courses and occupations in this field. We strongly recommend that you research the course you are interested in and ask the provider to suggest organisations that employ people in the field so that you can go and talk to some of them. You may be surprised how pleased people are to talk about their work, even if you ring up out of the blue.

If you are interested in health services you should also see what is on offer in the fields of rehabilitation, nursing, medicine, dentistry, social work and veterinary science.

If you are thinking about studying engineering, Australia has a lot to offer. For further assistance on course fee please contact us.

Engineers help to make things that we use on a daily basis — from the cars we drive and the medical technology we depend on, to our cities’ buildings and our regions’ water supplies. Inspired? You should be. This profession boasts many important achievements, and there would appear to be many more ahead.

In particular, engineering and technology graduates of the next few years are tipped to be instrumental in meeting challenges related to environmental change and the technology (for example, nuclear technology) that may be employed to generate alternative energy sources. Engineers Australia Magazine’s ‘Top 100’ list of most influential engineers shows just how capable engineers are as leaders and how much impact they can and will have on meeting the challenges of the future.

If you are interested in the field you could also consider architecture, built environment, computing and information technology, environmental studies, some sciences and surveying. If you’re an engineer considering a move up the corporate ladder, you should also look into business and management courses.

Science and technology have the power to change lives, and Australian science degree has the power to change yours. What will you discover?

If you have a passion for discovery and problem-solving then a course in science might be for you. Despite our comparatively small population, Australia has produced some of the world’s best scientific researchers who regularly make ground-breaking discoveries, greatly adding to both Australian and global knowledge and capabilities.

This is a large and diverse field. It is one of the few where most specialisations are still based on the pure academic disciplines. With that said, many programs and science departments now take on a more interdisciplinary approach, enabling scientists and students to apply a mix of scientific expertise to solve practical problems.

If you are interested in this field, you should also look at related courses such as agriculture, computing and information technology, engineering and technology, environmental studies, mathematics, surveying, rehabilitation, medicine, pharmacy and veterinary science.

Social media has been revolutionising the way world is sharing and strategising information in fast growing industries. Contact us for course information.

This program introduces students to emerging interactive technologies, most notably social media tools, and discusses ways in which these technologies can be exploited by businesses to more effectively serve markets. The unit examines how marketing-related functions are changed by the potential of these technologies, and how these new technologies can become key components of the organisation's strategic marketing efforts. This unit starts from the premise that savvy consumers are increasingly participating in brands rather than merely receiving their messages, and explores how marketers can stoke conversations, co-create experiences and stories, and build engaging relationships with consumers.

We have aspiring institution who assist in teaching flight training, aerospace engineering. For tuition fee information, please contact us.

The Flying Training Programs produce high quality pilots who are also future leaders and managers. Students receive a solid academic and theoretical grounding in aviation management and safety.

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